The Credit People Review

Company Overview

Started in 2001, The Credit People have worked with more than a hundred thousand clients to help improve their credit scores. Its team of credit experts analyze credit scores, and then identify and formulate the best action plan for removing negative items on your credit report. A satisfaction guarantee and a cancel anytime offer makes it one of the less risky options when it comes to credit repair services.


  • $19 initial fee,$79 monthly fee
  • $379 six month credit repair program


  • Results in less than 60 days
  • Cancellation at any time
  • Flat rate for a set period


The Credit People present a simple and efficient way to repair your credit. While they offer a narrower scope of services than competitors within the industry, their laser focus makes them incredibly talented at the services they do provide. The company guarantees results within 60 days, and they back it up by offering to return your money if you aren’t satisfied. With affordable and attentive service, The Credit People can offer a simple and straightforward solution to resolve your credit problems.

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